Turn The Light On: Acoustic V. II


Limited to 500 copies.

Turn The Light On: Acoustic Reimagination is a collection of acousticallly rewritten songs from the third full length album by Imminence on CD. Featuring two different artwork covers in a digi sleeve, each cover including a small poster of the image inside. The EP is made of four different songs from the album in addition to a cover of Linkin Park's Crawling as well as three remastered bonus tracks, of which two previously unreleased on physical format.

1 Erase (Acoustic)
2 Saturated Soul (Acoustic)
3 Crawling (Acoustic)
4 Disconnected (Acoustic)
5 Infectious (Acoustic)
6 A Mark On My Soul - Remastered Bonus Track
7 Wine & Water - Remastered Bonus Track
8 This Is Goodbye - Remastered Bonus Track

Photography by Gaëtan Bernede.
Released 2020 on Arising Empire Records.